About Food Intolerance Testing

What does the Di Etx test consist of?

The machine that will be used during this service is known as Di Etx. The treatment will consist of the client having the tip of their finger touched with a ball point like pen. By doing this, the machine will then show whether or not a reaction to a certain food has occurred. The Di Etx intolerance machine runs on a circuit of energy that is created during the procedure and this allows the machine to read and show if a reaction has been detected.

Can anyone be tested?

The Di Etx food intolerance test is suitable for everyone at any age, providing that children are over the age of 10 and have parental supervision.  However, people who have pace makers will not be able to have this specific food intolerance test done.

How long is the duration?

The whole process will take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Will I have to cut particular food out of my diet for good?

It is recommended that once you have had your food intolerance test and been given your result of which foods your body cannot tolerate, that you cut them out of your diet for 4 weeks. By doing this, it gives your body chance to go through an elimination process. After 4 weeks, you can re-introduce the foods gradually back into your diet. However, in some circumstances some people will have to eliminate the foods completely from their diet because it may be too much for their body to cope with.


Why did you want to food intolerance testing alongside The Colon Clinic?

Louise wanted to do food intolerance testing alongside The Colon Clinic because she found when the clients were coming in for their colon hydrotherapy session, the main reason for their visit was generally food related. More often than not it has been proven that a client’s food consumption can be the main reason for their visit to The Colon Clinic.


The price for the food intolerance testing will be £60.

Contact Number: 01422 747073

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