Colonic Hydrotherapy in Halifax Colonic treatments based in Halifax, West Yorkshire

Regrettably, we’re unable to schedule colonics at the moment due to a surge in demand for beauty treatments. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to accommodating your needs in the near future.

Welcome to The Colon Clinic which is part of Therapy Skincare, a home based beauty salon within the beautiful village of Bradshaw, Halifax.

Many people can suffer from various issues with their bowels and many of our clients report to us that having colon hydrotherapy has improved their presenting complaint including:

💩 constipation    💩 bloated feeling

💩 trapped wind    😴 lethargy

🐌 sluggish.    😵‍💫 headache

🤔 brain fog      🫶🏼 skin flare ups


Our RICTAT registered colon hydrotherapist uses a state of the art colon machine, HAB HERRMANN. This device encloses any odour that may occur during the treatment. The device uses only FILTERED water to cleanse the whole colon. During this process, no drugs or chemicals are used!

Colon hydrotherapy (also referred to as Colonic Irrigation) is suited to  people of different ages, cultures and beliefs. We pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual and ensuring you are safe at all times. With this in mind, prior to booking your appointment please make sure that you have no contra-indications to the treatment.

We are here to answer all of your queries. Please check out our FAQ section and if you  can’t find your answer there please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note: 

1. As colon hydrotherapy appointments are large, any appointment change’s (ie moving the date) can only be made once. Any changes further changes and the booking fee will be lost.

2. Please note: Colonic Hydrotherapy is not in any way intended as a ‘cure’ or ‘medical’ treatment. It should not be seen as an alternative to seeing your GP if you have any health concerns. Neither is intended to infer or imply symptoms of IBS or other bowel conditions will be solved.



We are RICTAT registered.