Colonic Hydrotherapy in Halifax Colonic treatments based in Halifax, West Yorkshire

Welcome to The Colon Clinic – Halifax. Where our registered colon hydrotherapist uses a state of the art colon machine, HAB HERRMANN. This device encloses any odour that may occur during the treatment. The device uses only FILTERED water to cleanse the whole colon. During this process, no drugs or chemicals are used!

Colon hydrotherapy or Colonic irrigation as some people call it is suited to all people of different ages, both men and women. There are many health benefits from a colon treatment, these include; reduced headaches, allergies and acne. Not only does the colonic help on the inside, it works wonders for you on the outside.

The Colon Clinic is now doing Food Intolerance testing with our very own Di Etx machine! This allows our therapists to investigate further into how our colon is affected by the food we consume daily. The benefits of the Di Etx test are endless and help all of our clients lead a much healthier lifestyle without feeling run down. Please view what foods we test during your session.

The Colon Clinic is now stocking probiotics known as Just For Tummies. These probiotics work in different ways. Whether it being digestive problems, IBS or women’s intimate health. We have a wide range of them in stock and are ready to educate our clients why these particular probiotics simply are the best at helping them lead a healthy lifestyle with a healthy gut!

Please make sure that you have no contra-indications to the treatment before booking in for your colonic.

Reservations? Concerns? We are here to answer all of your queries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also check out our FAQ section asked by previous clients.



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