Colonic Hydrotherapy Aftercare & Advice


By having a colon therapy treatment today, you have made a decision to improve your health. It is now up to you to take an active part in the continuing health maintenance process, by reviewing your diet and lifestyle including having colon hydrotherapy.

On occasion, if there has been a longstanding condition of constipation or several health problems, a slight headache or fatigue may be experienced after the first few treatments. If this is so, try and rest and drink plenty of water. In some cases you may feel slightly bloated for a few hours after the colonic, as the untrapped gas makes its way to the exit. If this is the case, have a cup of peppermint tea and lie down with a hot water bottle for a while. In very rare cases tiredness persists for a few days, as the body continues to detoxify itself. In these cases, we recommend having another colonic treatment to accelerate the process.

Some water is absorbed through the colon wall during a colonic, and one may notice an increased need to urinate for a few hours afterwards. This beneficial effect of flushing the kidneys may also be enhanced by drinking a few glasses of water with the juice of half a lemon added to each glass. Since the colon has been cleared of solid matter, it may take a couple of days before it fills up again and normal bowel movements are resumed.


“Beauty Breakfast”

This breakfast has been traditionally used by those wanting to have a steady supply of energy in the morning, good digestion, regular elimination and a beautiful skin.

It requires minimum preparation and is ready to be eaten in the morning.


Before you go to bed, take a tub of live yoghurt (soya yoghurt if you are lactose intolerant) and mix it with orange or other fruit juice or even water to form a shake. Throw in a handful of porridge oats, linseeds, a couple of chopped prunes, sunflower seeds and a couple of chopped apricots. Leave in the fridge to ferment overnight, and eat in the morning on its own or with some fresh fruit or berries.



  • Eat smaller meals – grazing is better than gorging!
  • Eat simply cooked or raw foods – a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, especially leafy, will add to the cleansing effect and help to regulate the bowel.
  • Chew slowly and keep your mouth shut while chewing, to avoid air getting into your digestive system.
  • Buy local and buy in season. By purchasing your groceries from your local farm shops and farmers’ markets you will always get nutrient-rich fresh food all the while contributing to the survival of organic farming in your own country.
  • Be mindful of your choices of protein. Vary red meat, white meat, fish & vegetarian meals.
  • Drink plenty of water & avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours. Don’t drink ice-cold water with your meals. Sip room temperature water throughout the day.
  • If griping occurs drink hot peppermint, fennel or chamomile infusions and avoid cold drinks, carbonated drinks and gassy foods.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners – use fructose or honey to sweeten your desserts or drinks.
  • Whole grains (rice, barley, oats, buckwheat etc) are better nutritionally than pasta and breakfast cereals and they contain the true roughage than cleans up your digestive system. Generally, they are better for you “al dente” – very slightly undercooked. Soak the grains overnight before cooking and discard the soak water.
  • Beans and pulses have a high fibre contents, and they are a very valuable part of your diet. Introduce them into your diet carefully and slowly to avoid excess gas. Soak your beans overnight and discard soak water before cooking
  • A probiotic supplement recommended by your therapist will be useful to maintain the optimum balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.








Prepare one sliced lemon, add 1 pint of water and place in a liquidizer (use the complete lemon, including skin, pips, etc.)

Strain and discard the pulp

Add five pints of water, a total of six pints.

Commence the detox around 8am

Drink one glass of the mixture every 15 minutes for one hour.

Follow by one glass of the mixture every 45 minutes until the mixture has all been consumed.

If you start the detox at 8am, it will be complete between 3 to 4pm.

You may eat a large salad at tea time (optional).



Fill the bath with comfortable warm water; it should be hot enough to last a while but not too hot to be uncomfortable.

Empty 250 to 500 g of Epsom salts into the water, distributing it evenly.

Climb in and stretch out and soak for up to 30 minutes. This will open the skin’s pores and eliminate toxins and poisons. Please do not use soap.

A quick warm shower will rinse away any salt residue.



After bathing take a bottle of castor oil, a roll of cling film and a heating pad or hot water bottle.

Spread the castor oil over the liver first (in the top right hand corner of the abdominal cavity under the ribcage), continuing over the abdomen and colon. Wrap the cling film completely over the castor oil, then place the heating pad or hot water bottle over the abdomen for about one hour and relax.

The combined action of the castor oil and the heat penetrates into the intestines and softens encrusted faecal matter loosening it from within the pockets of the colon. This helps the removal of the encrusted matter during the detox regime. _______________________________________________________________________________

Following your colonic irrigation treatment it is possible that you may experience what is termed as the healing crisis, the result of toxins being released from the colon during your detox.

This may include:


Skin Blemishes


Cold like symptoms

Increased Urination

These symptoms are only temporal and should diminish within 24 to 48 hours. As we are unique individuals it is not possible to predict who will succumb to the healing crisis which I stress is a positive reaction.

There are some individuals who almost immediately experience the many positive aspects of the detox.

This may include:

Feeling of wellness

Clearer sharper vision

Flatter abdomen

Reduced bloating

Increase in mental agility

Better quality sleep

Remember that the healing crisis is a positive reaction that your body is eliminating toxins so it can now start to rebalance and repair itself.

Now that the initial groundwork has commenced it is up to you to take an active part in striving for optimum health, by reviewing your diet and lifestyle including having regular colon irrigation.

 It is advisable to eat only a light diet following your treatment. It is essential that you drink at least an extra litre of water. Remember to increase your fluid intake to two litres of water daily.

It is not uncommon for some people not to have bowel movement for several days after the treatment. This is a strong indication that TRANSIT TIME is slow; this is the time that elapses from the swallowing of the food to its elimination.

An essential component for colon health is the administrating of Lacto bacilli acidophilus, which I firmly encourage you to take. It is available in capsules, powder, drinks and as an implant following your next colonic.

Research suggests that it is instrumental in preventing colon cancer whilst maintaining a healthy bowel.

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