Meet The Team

Meet The Team!

This is Louise our qualified Colonic Hydro-therapist. She’s passionate about all things to do with health and holistic treatments. She enjoys helping people with all digestive and bowel problems to make them feel a lot more refreshed and relaxed and regulate the bowel movements more.

Louise will now be providing a service of food intolerance testing. The machine that will be used during this service is known as the Di Etx. The treatment will consist of the client holding a metal bar in their hands and an electrical current is run through your body to test against each vial of food that you may be intolerant too. Please let us reassure you that this treatment is absolutely pain free!

The Di Etx food intolerance test is suitable for everyone at any age. Provided that small children are on solid foods. The food intolerance test will roughly be 1 Hour and 25 minutes.

It is recommended that once you have had your food intolerance test and been given your result of which foods your body can’t tolerate, that you cut them out of your diet for 4 weeks. By doing this, it gives your body time to go through an elimination process. After 4 weeks, you can re-introduce the foods gradually back into your diet. However, in some circumstances some people will have to eliminate the foods completely from their diet because it may be too much for their body to handle.







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